Monday, May 16, 2011

May Silliness

Cuckoo! (from USA Manufacturer)

Nothing interesting to post today, so let's give in to useless silliness!

Just some lovely quotes, some stupid remarks and some silly links. Welcome to the geeky side of myself, which I anxiously try to hide during professional presentations, job interviews or family visits on Sundays:

Minnie Riperton

The range of Minnie her voice is purely amazing. Just listen to the high notes she can produce in her songs!

Still, for silliness' sake, I always pretend the song "Loving You" to be sung in a deep, manly voice, like if an extremely fat guy with much lesser musical skills is singing the song during his morning shower. Ah, art!

I have been searching all over The Internets, but can't find anything of that sort. Am I the only one?

Mediocre Mama

I normally don't strike as being the type that would read blogs about offspring (burn those babie pics!), but the writer of Mediocre Mama has such a nice sense of humor that I do enjoy her writing. A little gem from the intro of her latest post:

Will someone please just oppress me already?

This white liberal guilt is simply killing me and I don’t know if I can go on much longer with nothing legitimate to complain about.
--Mediocre Mama

Fun with Real Estate Fraud

My old roomie Alain is looking for a new house and encountered a real estate fraudster. You could of course report those imposters to the police, or ignore them, or... have some fun with them through a senseless email conversation. Preposterous!


Cornflour miracle

Dedoimedo proved it some time ago: Jesus used cornflour to walk over water!

SOS Spatiegebruik

The VRT does it again (and again). This one is only for people that understand Dutch, but public media should not make this kind of typing mistakes.
Foei, VRT!

In Dutch, combined words should be written as one. It is a very common mistake, also amongst native speakers. It occurs so frequently that in 2004, people have built a website that collects examples of this kind of mistakes called "SOS Spatiegebruik".

And then our national media put such a typing error in the title of an article, tsk tsk.

That was all for today, silliness out!

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