Saturday, January 8, 2011

Verdomhoek(je) of verdomdhoek?

The VRT does it again... But before I start complaining about the spelling mistake in Dutch, first the political message itself:

I am thrilled about the recent news of the possibility to end the conflict in Sudan. If a seperation might be the end of all this suffering, then so be it, let's hope for the best. After a civil war that lasted more than two decennia, the area was a total disaster. Still, it hardly reached the headlines in mainstream media anymore. There was no more "news", what could they do? Report again that there was a lot of suffering? Report again that many people were dieing of disease and that swift action was needed? It is (was) one of these dramas that happened behind the scenes.

When something "spectacular" happened, like the tsunami, the hurricane Katrina or the earthquake in Haiti, the international community quickly reacted and everywhere people were raising money to end that misery and offer those people a new chance. But Sudan (and Darfur) was always there. Hardly any support and no media attention, simply because of the fact that it was no longer "news".

If a seperation is indeed the end to a big part of the suffering, then let it happen, the referendum will speak for itself. The southern part of the country (that might get seperated) will have to rebuild a lot of infrastructure, the big question is whether they are ready for their own independance? According to Jimmy Carter (ex-president of the USA and chairman of his Carter Center, "to advance human rights and alleviate suffering"), they are not.

As a Belgian, I hope that my fellow country men won't think that a seperation of Sudan (in order to end the conflict) also necessary means that a seperation of Flanders and Wallonia would be a solution. We are not Sudan. Let's stay Belgium.

Oh, and what I wanted to say to Katrien Vanderschoot of

Hij zit al genoeg in de verdomdhoek als enig zittend staatshoofd dat door het internationaal Strafhof wordt gezocht.
It is not "verdomdhoek", but "verdomhoek(je)".


Edit: what was first, the expression or the suburb in Utrecht?

More: De duimriem of de buikschroeven?

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