Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Laika has puppies!


To be honest, I don't even know whether I should share this with the rest of the world. Who cares?

Hell, I don't even bother if somebody's baby is born. I will think "congratulations" for a few seconds and that is it. Close friends and family know that I am not interested in birth announcements, sending them to me is a waste of paper and stamps. I will merely glance at it, grunt and direct it to the dust bin. Do not expect me to pin it on the wall, I am not going to idolize your offspring.

Somebody else's child only becomes interesting once it is a 'person', when I can interact with him or her, when (s)he can show his/her own personality.

So why bother? And then even of puppies, just a dog.

I guess I write this announcement more for me than for you and I have to confess that I just had nothing else to talk about today. And somewhere, I feel happy. Funny feeling, I really was happy to see those small little buggers crawling around, all seven of them, and Laika (the dog) sitting there like a proud mother.

Laika is hardly one year old, we took her in in July 2009, trained her and now I notice that I get quite attached to her. And yes, I feel happy about the little critters (maybe I'm becoming 'civil' :-)).



  1. Your Japanese is a bit 'bizar', better to say: 今日から私のワンちゃんはお母さんになりました


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