Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In other news... (May)

taken from H. E. Academy

Although communicated differently before, I might have to say something interesting after all! (But then again, aren't we all mislead by this illusion? Defied even?)

In other news... the May edition:

Make an effort!

Interesting statement by P. J. Onori: we are tired of being dumbified! Easy isn't always the way, challenging people is the answer:

Challenging users in the correct manner will ultimately lead to more engaged, informed, and self-sufficient users.
--P. J. Onori

Solar power!

The Solar Impulse, a Swiss airplane that flies on solar energy has successfully made its first international flight and landed in Zaventem (Brussels Airport) in the evening of Friday the 13th of May.


Shutdown traffic lights at night!

In Belgium, a proposal has been made to shutdown some of the traffic lights at night. We are talking about intersections that are not busy at night and where it is easy to oversee the traffic situation. To keep automobilists wait at these crossroads, could resolve in dangerous behaviour as people become impatient, frustrated or plainly ignore the red light.
A better solution would be, according to Touring, to shutdown the alternating between red and green light, and switch to a blinking yellow. In that way, drivers will take their own responsibility of crossing and will ensure that people slow down at these intersections.

Personally, I find this a very good idea, as long as we are indeed talking about traffic lights that are litteraly lonesome at night and where there is a clear view on the complete situation. Besides, we do it like that in Ghana for years now.

Ah, diseases!

In health:

Taken from the Beagle project

Water bears in space!

In 2007, a little known creature called a tardigrade or 'water bear' became the first animal to survive exposure to space.

Be green, or at least be honest about it!

Puma has become the world's first major corporation to publish details of the cost of its impact on the environment. (BBC)

Although I don't believe we could express the impact of industry on the environment in money, but this signal will at least create some awareness.

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