Thursday, April 21, 2011

iPad and iPhone track where you've been

by Zazzle

This CNET article reminds me of the time that it became known that Internet Explorer also tracks all the websites and search items you've ever visited or typed in, even if you would empty the 'history'.
I am still searching for that exact item, it must have been in the late nineties. Edit: found it.

Apparently this was about Internet Explorer version 4.0 and earlier, and my memory was not too bad, 1997 on the spot. I remember that I read about it in a minor computer magazine (yeah, that is how we did it old school :-)), they added a CD-ROM with a custom piece of software that would reveal all the websites you had ever visited, no matter how many times you had cleaned out your 'history'. This must have been my personal security-cherry-pop.

Googling around, I also found this technofile from back in Y2K, talking about GUID.


Also check out this trick, it will turn every website into an iPad-experience. (from

Update: According to, Apple denies to track users: "The iPhone is not logging your location. Rather, it's maintaining a database of Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers around your current location": letter. interview, interview transcript.

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  1. On 5th May, I read an article of the VRT (in Dutch) which announces that Apple has changed its software to improve privacy:
    - less memory has been allocated for the tracking data
    - the tracking data is no longer stored in iTunes
    - there is now a possibility to turn the tracking off


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