Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pigeon in my room!

Illustration taken from Joon

I have a pigeon in my room!

No need to panic, I brought it there myself.

The reception of the lodge is located inside the restaurant, which is half-open with view on the beautiful savanna. I was just closing my night shift when a *pyiiTONG*-noise startled me.

Apparently a pigeon had flown against the fan on the ceiling and the bird got catapulted towards the wall. In a fraction of a second, I just saw a line of lost feathers from the fan, over my left shoulder, to the shelves behind me. There he lay, my winged friend-to-be, completely spaced out between a green towel and a pair of forgotten swimming pants, the objects of our lost-and-found.

The little one must have had quite a shock as it was of the world for a second. To be honest, I didn't know what to do. Leaving it with the lost-and-found is not a proper nesting place. So I placed it on my laptop and took it to my room. The poor creature is of course quite afraid. It is conscious now, and slowly tries to walk away from me, but it is clear that it can't fly just yet.

I left it in my room for now, then it will at least come safely through the night as I am afraid that the dogs would use it as a 'playmate' if it would have been outside. I gave him a small saucer of water and seemingly it finds my old suitcase quite cozy. "You can crash here for the night, pigeon friend, we will see about tomorrow".


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