Thursday, March 31, 2011

Snobbish about chocolate

Picture from Hanami22
Last week, a happy customer gave me a piece of chocolate as a present. I really appreciated the friendly man's gesture and accepted the bar with delight.

Now, I don't see myself as a difficult person regarding food, I eat almost anything with great pleasure, but I am very fond of our national products, and then especially the chocolate, beer (and most people forget that Belgium also has great cheese and Limburgse Vlaai).

Without wanting to sound cocky, I adore Belgian chocolate and to me there is nothing that comes even close. Although Ghana grows and exports a lot of cocoa (even plenty to Belgium), I just don't appreciate the way Ghanaians produce their own chocolate. Not the chocolate spread, not the bars of chocolate. They are too "powdery" to my taste and mostly too bitter or pure sugar.

As I hadn't tasted a good piece of produced cocoa since I entered Tamale a good ten months ago, I was sure that my taste buds wouldn't be too snobbish. Besides, this was a European brand, the French Ivoria as I read on the package.

But, dear readers, I can assure you: my taste buds are purely too snobbish, even after staying away from chocolate for a good ten months, this French bar still couldn't charm me. I was hugely disappointed, maybe more in myself than in the chocolate :-)

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