Friday, February 4, 2011

Proba.. err, definitely the best beer in the world!

Picture taken from Miami New Times
From one chauvinistic article to the next, it should be fairly obvious now that I am a full grown Belgian.

The Lonely Planet has published its list of the 10 best beers in the world. It is interesting that none of the beers comes from any of the traditional beer countries. Not one Belgian beer? You mean, not even one?

Beer to a Belgian is like snow to an Inuit, we feel a bit insulted when our country is simply overlooked when filing a rapport on the liquid gold that flows from our veins. In the Lonely Planet's list of the 10 best beers in the world. there is not even one Belgian beer. Of course, the comments don't lie about it, they too request that this mistake should be corrected, it is nice to see our country's honour being defended :-)

Dear Mr. Wheeler, I would like to invite you for a beer tasting in our beautiful country. Here is some study material to start with:
For the choice of India, I have to agree, when I am there, I too prefer Kingfisher as my beer. In Ghana, I prefer Star or Gulder.

And by the way, there is indeed a 3X, but that is the symbol of Amsterdam ;-)

Kind greetings,


More on beer in Ghana in this entry of Ghana Way.


  1. Right. Well, for many of us, Belgian Beer is like, say, Perl or Lisp in that unless you are, you know, mental, it seems tedious and somehow nearly inaccesable.

    That lambic stuff is pretty cool, but a crisp German or Czek Reinheitsgebot is tough to beat....then the simple accessibility of a Mexican lager...or the reasonable complexity of an English whatever...

    No, that stuff like, say, Duvel, could be called a "Flemmish Blemish" :-D

  2. Thank you for the comparison of beer with programming languages, that really made my day :-)

    But seriously, Belgian beer "inaccesable"? Of course you can find it everywhere in Belgium (duh), I guess you are residing in another part of the world.

    I believed that Stella was quite largely available, but maybe we should start working more at a decent export of our national products.


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