Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Bowl full of Bowel Movement

Picture from Novel TP

This is quite an embarrassing entry, but last night at 10 pm, without any warning, I all of a sudden had to sprint to the toilet.

As nothing had really changed in my diet, I guess my experiment of drinking unfiltered tap water has completely proved its point: not healthy.

I had quite an impressive diarrea-attack, pure liquid just thrusted itself out of my body in one giant stream. It seemed more than a liter and it came out like a fire hose.

Exhausted, I felt really weak after this, which was probably the huge and sudden loss of liquid. I went straight to bed and fell asleep. The sleep was very vast and comforting, only that I spontaneously woke up every three hours with the same feeling as of 10pm, needing to release some extra liquid. In an effort to save my sparkling white bedsheets, of course I ran to the porcelain throne, and I was grateful to make it every time.

I had no idea that there was so much spare water in my body and it made me kind of concerned.

The next morning I took the good old advice of drinking plenty of rice water and "just let it go".

To be fair to the Ghanaian Water Company, I have to mention that Tamale has had hardly any flowing water during the past month and the whole city has been supplied by an army of tankers. My guess is that there must have been some kind of amoeba swimming around in one of those, and is now nestling happily in my intestines.

Conclusion: tap water is harmless until you meet the wrong drip.

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