Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Motorbikes in the movies

Shot taken from

Although I don't have a rider's license, the motorbike is my favourite transport here in Tamale. Swift, flexible, no parking troubles and a nice cool breeze while you are on your way: ah, heaven.

I remember that I watched The Great Escape for the first time with my younger brother, back in the our teens. During the scenes where Hilts (Steve McQueen, loved him in this flick and in The Magnificent Seven, but not so in Papillon) jumps the barbed wire (*) or dashes for the border, I am sure that our teenage-minds conditioned motorbike to freedom.

Now, speeding on a sunny afternoon through dusty roads really makes me happy. has an extensive list of the usage of motorbikes in the movies. Although I don't like the webdesign (it really makes me want to do it all over again), there are 1202 entries!
Here are my favourite motorbike moments in the movies:

1. The Great Escape

2. Pulp Fiction

It's a chopper baby.

3. Easy Rider
Shot taken from Motorbike-Tours
4. Diarios de Motocicleta
Shot taken from Redthoreau

(*): Although he didn't make it... The jump over the fence in The Great Escape was by the way actually done by stuntman Bud Ekins [1].

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