Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ubuntu Edge

Those who have been following me know that I am not a big fan of the whole smartphone craze, but still I am very amazed with what Ubuntu is up to. It seems to be an ultimate barrier between "computing" and "mobility" will be pushed and with a huge chunk of corwdfunding.

A phone that you can dock as a PC ? Multi-core processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage? Wow, that is impressive.

Have a look at the introduction video:

So before I come back to reality and wave my anti-consumption flag, let me say "wow" again: Wow.

I sure am a big fan of technology, definitely this cutting edge... But then all of a sudden my conscience kicks in: what about the raw materials? What about the people working hard to manufacture that gadget for you? What about the environmental impact?

Crap, I don't like this high horse that I appear to be climbing on. Yes, yes, I really do support Mark Shuttleworth in his quest to get some real firepower in our handheld devices, I was even tempted to join the crowdfunding campaign. I am simply too much opposed to our current way of dealing with these products.

When I remind myself that I have been perfectly fine and been able to deal perfectly well with work or life even before I had my first mobile phone, it kind of brings me back to reality and makes the buzz fade away.

So yes, mixed feelings, but eventually I think I will skip this generation.


PS: the links to articles naming my concerns were chosen simply the highest ranking hits on Google. I am sure we can even find better articles that go deeper into the subject. Any suggestions?
Feel free to leave comments on your additional concerns.

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