Friday, July 19, 2013

Poverty is what’s crippling public education in the US—not bad teachers

(c) Reuters/Romeo Ranoco
An article by Anthony Cody on

Taken from the article:
While conservative economists such as Hanushek wish to focus our attention on “bad teachers,” in actuality by far the largest factor affecting school performance is family income. In fact, the achievement gap between rich and poor has grown to be twice as large as the black/white performance gap in America.

Some of the key findings from the Economic Policy Institute’s April report:
  • Test scores increased less, and achievement gaps grew more, in “reform” cities than in other urban districts.
  • Test-based accountability prompted churn that thinned the ranks of experienced teachers, but not necessarily bad teachers.
  • School closures did not send students to better schools or save school districts money.

Most importantly:
  • The reforms missed a critical factor driving achievement gaps: the influence of poverty on academic performance.

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