Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Enemy (Frontexit)

The European Union invests millions of euros in Frontex, a quasi-military operation to fight off a so-called "invasion" of migrants. For more than a decade, this exclusively security-oriented approach has prevailed in European migration policy: restrictive visa policies, the construction of walls and fences, militarised border control and forced return to countries of origin, the subcontracting of migration control to undemocratic States,... 

One of the main charcteristics of the agency is the lack of transparency of its activities. Few people have even heard of it… What guarantees does the agency offer in terms of ensuring the respect of migrants’ human rights during its operations ? And who is responsible in the case of a violation of fundamental rights during Frontex operations : is it the agency itself, the State hosting the operation or the State of which the border guards who have committed the violation are citizens? These are some of the many questions which the Frontexit campaign raises. (source: FrontExit)


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