Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bird sheet music

A piece of music that was composed by waiting for bird droppings to fall onto giant sheets of manuscript paper has received its premiere. (BBC, 20 January 2013)

Artist Kerry Morrison laid manuscript sheets on the ground in Liverpool parks and let birds deposit their droppings. Composer Jon Hering has transformed the bum notes into a full musical score.

Morrison said the 20-minute Bird Sheet Music, which was performed at the Tate Liverpool art gallery, represented the role birds play in the environment. (BBC, 20 January 2013)

  • Birds make music with bum notes (BBC, 20 January 2013)
  • Audio file (BBC, 20 January 2013)
  • Artist makes music with bird droppings in Liverpool (BBC, 14 October 2013)
  • Video file (BBC, 14 October 2013)
  • Brits orkest speelt vogelpoep-muziek in galerij (deredactie.be, 20 January 2013)

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