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From time to time, there are news items that I would like to comment on without elaborating at length, making it plainly not worthy of its own post. So I will just list them up, here are the items that caught my attention during the past weeks.

Read more on Belgian's change of constitution, the coup d'état in Mali, the arson in a mosque in Brussels, the Post Millennium Development Goals, tactics of nonviolent activism and the Occupy Wall Street Movement:

Post Millennium Development Goals

UNDP and DESA organized an Experts Group Meeting (EGM) in February to discuss the post-MDG framework. The English aid agency CAFOD wrote down some notes and comments.

The original draft of the EGM can be found here.

How to create a dilemma

In the blog Waging Nonviolence, George Lakey brings an interesting post on nonviolent activist tactics: "the Barrel of Laughs":
[...] a dilemma demonstration takes imagination to create. A rule among my friends in the Casino-Free Philadelphia campaign was never to organize a march or a rally. They made that agreement to force themselves to become creative and to invent new tactics. And, in four years of campaigning, they never did hold a march or a rally. There is so much else one can do.
See also: Mass distribution and mass disobedience in Spain by Ter Garcia

Paint the other cheek

Another contributor to Waging Nonviolence, Nathan Schneider, wrote more on protest tactics. In his article Paint the other cheek published by The Nation, he discusses the use of violence and non violence within the Occupy Wall Street movement.

OWS History

Talking about Occupy Wall Street, Adbusters embedded the AlJazeera's 'Fault Lines: History of an Occupation' (AlJazeera, youtube)

See also: Phase One

Attack on mosque in Brussels

During the evening of Wednesday the 14th of March, an arsonist threw a Molotov cocktail in a Belgian mosque. The imam died in the fire.

Civil rights movement photography

An interview with photographer Bob Fitch.

Coup d'état in Mali

During the night of 21st to 22nd of March, soldiers of the CNRDRE ousted the president Amadou Toumani Touré of Mali and took control.
The army has ended the incompetent regime. All democratic institutions and the constitution have been suspended with immediate effect.
-- Captain Amadou Sanogo on national television

The Colour of Beauty

On the Canadian website of Journalists for Human RightsKaday Kamara posted an article about the health problems concerning Sierra Leonean women who bleach their skin to appear more attractive.

Belgium changes constitution

Change of article 195:

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