Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Death Penalty report 2011

Yesterday, Amnesty International published its yearly report on the death penalty. If we don't include the executions in China, 2011 counts 676 people executed, that is almost 150 more than in 2010 (527):

It is still less than in 2009, when 719 people were put to death by law, but all these numbers still exclude the (assumed) thousands of executions in China or North Korea, where all information about capital punishment is kept a national secret.

The number is highly increased since last year (by 28%), despite the fact that there are now 'only' twenty countries that have actually executed somebody (whereas 23 in 2010) and three more countries that have actually erased the possibility of death penalty  from their national law: Gabon, Latvia and Mongolia earlier this year (source).

For Japan, 2010 was the first time in 19 years that no execution took place.


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  1. The Guardian made an animation about the Iranian lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei and the case of the young Behnoud Shojaee who got hanged in 2006, for a fact committed when he was only 17.


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