Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bye Norway!

Picture taken from Visit Norway
Staying in Norway was great, although I have only been there for 17 days, I learned a lot of new things and met nice people. I had never ben 'up north' before, on a sunny day Megumi showed me the fjord at Drøbak, very beautiful.

But 'every beautiful song has an ending', and today was the last morning of my Northern holiday. I thanked the host family, said goodbye to Megumi and took the Ryanair flight back to Belgium.

Flying without luggage is very comfortable, all I had was my tooth brush, some spare clothing and a jacket, all jammed in one small bag. First thing that I noticed in the airport of Rygge, is how friendly the security staff is. Unbelievable, I am used to their grumpy counterparts in Charleroi, but these people even had a smile on their face and wished me a nice flight. I was so flabbergasted, it almost made this whole security check drill a 'pleasant' experience.

But okay, here I am, back in Belgium, back on the jobhunt.

1 comment:

  1. No! You were NOT carrying a toothbrush!!!
    Because I have it here with me:-)
    Hope you had a nice time here in As. I'm glad you had a comfortable flight back home. See you soon!


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