Monday, August 8, 2011

Riots in England

Are the current riots in England rooted into a social problem? (radio interview in Dutch)

Music: Panic by The Smiths

Update 11th August: Ten explanations for the riots in England (BBC)

Update 12th August:
Dismissing rioters as mindless is futile rhetoric. However unacceptable the UK riots, we need to ask why they are happening
--Russell Brand (The Guardian)

Update 17th August: The Connection Between Corruption and the Riots in the UK by Femke van Zeijl


  1. "simplistic solutions" should be avoided but said there was a need for responsibility "from the top to bottom of society, including parental responsibility" (BBC)

  2. Don't know if I agree completely.

    Yes, we have to first stop the riots and then look for an answer to avoid these conflicts. More social guidance should be part of the solution, this goes further than 'parental responsibility'.


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