Friday, March 25, 2011

Personal Zoo

Besides rabbits and guinea pigs, our personal zoo has been expanding over the past few weeks.

As the domain of the lodge is quite large, we can let several animals walk freely and I have to admit: it looks very nice and it brings a soothing, relaxed atmosphere.

Iddrisu has been bombarded to caretaker as he has years of experience in farming and taking care of animals. Every day it is clear to me that he really enjoys this task. When he walks the premises, the donkey even approaches him and nods its head against Iddrisu's leg as a greeting.

As our lodge is located at the edge of Tamale, so outside of town, we can't prevent the occasional mouse walking through the garden, but we take all precautions that rodents don't enter the rooms or facilities. The latest weapon in our arsenal: cats.

We asked the neighbouring village if they could provide us with two kind felines and our friends cooperatively agreed: "tomorrow you will have your cats!".

The next morning, we were very curious to the new member of our extended family, but we were very supprised when the villagers brought us two very young kittens, like they were just torn from their suckling mother's breasts. Poor creatures were too young, but as they had been taken in human hands, we couldn't place them back with the mother. So now we had to start feeding them the bottle. Hopefully, they grow to become fierce protectors of our land while staying cuddly for the guests!


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