Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crunch, Bang

Aha, I finally found the time to try out the new CrunchBang Linux 10 "Statler".

Illustration taken from Banks Networking

While I have been active on an ICT education project in Ghana, many times we had to survive with "ancient hardware", literally computers that were holding their last breath. Thanks to CrunchBang's low usage of resources, I was able to perform miracles and could transform older material in Internet ready computers.

I have never tried CrunchBang on a laptop. At this moment, I am using a second hand portable donated by a friend of mine. I wouldn't call this machine "old" (hell, it got 2GB of RAM, in my college years, we could only dream of such a power), but as I get frustrated by the current operating system, I want to give CrunchBang a try as my new OS of the house.

Picture taken from LifeHacker
As this Linux flavour could revive (should I say reanimate?) those dusty refrigerators in our school, I am expecting state-of-the-art performances with this unit. Now that a Live CD is available, you can have a painless tryout first.

The only thing that I regret is to have downloaded a version before I went on holiday, I just read that I have missed the new stable version and redownloading will cost me precious bandwidth.
Meh, "stable" is for horses, let's give it a go.

All set? Let's reboot!

Silly meta-joke: although the computer hardware previously mentioned in this entry is literally an "old box", I won't file this whole article under the label "old box". <insert nerdy snicker: NARF! />

Update: My first post while running on the CrunchBang liveCD! It is going well, but I don't get used to Google Chrome yet. When wanted to add the YouTube of C418, the flash-plugin crashed on all tabs at the same time. Not nice... The delay is probably caused by running the full operating system from CD so a real install will be better, but I am seriously considering of installing good ol' Firefox anyway.
And I am disappointed that Japanese fonts aren't supported by default. *grumpf*

Edit: I learned it from Fiddy: for displaying Japanese, open a terminal and download the necessary fonts as follows:
sudo apt-get install ttf-sazanami-mincho ttf-sazanami-gothic

Followup: installation from the livecd


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