Monday, February 7, 2011

Another one bites the Dust

Picture taken from Kajsa H. A.

As I am travelling from Cape Coast to Accra by STC, I notice a magazine in front of me. It looks like those in-flight magazines you normally get on airplane flights, mostly not extremely interesting, but this is different. Last time I checked, I am on a bus in Ghana (not a plane!) and this paper is... intriguing...

Above all, it says: do not take out of the bus. Well, that I don't have to read twice, yoink!

On the blog of Kajsa H. A. I read that Dust (you can read it online too) is a free magazine by Ghanaian bloggers. The first thing I notice, is that this magazine feels very "fresh", definitely not as dull as the newspapers that I have been seeing here and it is not as chaotic as the "gossip papers" from the street. Or might that be because of the touch of designer Ghanyobi?

Whilst reading, what intrigued me most was the interview with Neequaye Dreph, making huge paintings and the attention to skilled writing (Jonathan Dotse!). The progressive article on sex and relationships is an eye-opener. No more backward, brainless, "virgin power"-crap, but a realistic and broad-minded item that I enjoyed to read (and follow up on the several blogs).

I am truly amazed by the creativity of these Ghanaian writers and bloggers, only by glancing through this magazine, I have the feeling that there is an "urban Ghana" that I have been missing out on. Is this really the schasm between North and South in Ghana? Between Rural and Urban?

Or is it more a clash of generations?

I have to admit that I now have been reading different opinions than those that have been said to me (by the same Ghanaians) in all these years. Or are there more things on their minds than they really want to share in public? Does the blogging/magazine bring a form of anonymity that brings more honest opinions?

All in all, while the Daily Graphic looks dull and boring, Dust is urban, fresh and modern. I am looking forward to future issues!

Online articles on sexuality:

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