Thursday, January 6, 2011

Application for employment

I would be much thankful if you could kindly spared a manment of your time to read a letter of mine in which I clearly express my sincere gratitude to apply for employend as a labour in your highly institution. I am a boy of 30 years of age who is hopeful and have no doubt I will suitably fit the position that I apply for. Therefore I hope and pledge to end wit my self properly to maintain the image of your desire if am given the opportunity. I hope my application will meet your kindness consideration.
Thank you.

We get this kind of letters quite often. Our lodge is located a little bit outside of Tamale and the village of Zozugu is just around the corner. As we try to combine the mindset of business with our past as social workers, we hire as many people from the local village as our business can sustain. In that way, our "profit" is not only an income for us, the owners, but we create an extra income for the villagers as well.

This area is poorly educated, there is no school in the village and also in Tamale a high percentage of the people have not gone to school (*), therefore we can hardly expect to receive correct application letters nor even any letter at all. We want to be able to also reach illetarate people, not all jobs that are created within a hotel demand literacy.

Still, we have chosen to demand a kind of "formal application", whether that is in the form of a letter or an interview. In that way, the requesting party has done an effort to get the job and doesn't just get it as a free present.
Those whose literacy is limited (actually the best educated people from this village) mostly write this kind of endearing letters. I don't publice this one to make fun of the author, at the contrary. Although his request is quite vague (How can you be sure that you will fit for a job while you don't even specify the job that you are applying for?), I respect the fact that he has done the effort to inform us in the most formal way available to him.

In Nyohini, one of the suburbs of Tamale where the Nyohini Computer School has been active since 2002, the number of children that doesn't go to school is around 5,000 . Worse even: research by Mr. Habib Adam shows that 12% of the children between the each of 5 and 12 years old that don't go to school, survive by prostituting themselves.
Send a child to school! (in Dutch)

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